Why Nigeria?


According to UNICEF Nigeria Humanitarian Situation Report January - June 2018, more than 4.5 million Children & over 7.7 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in Northern Nigeria.

The United States Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) says it has documented at least 19,890 deaths in Nigeria since June 2015. Northern Nigeria alone accounts for over 70% of those deaths. 


It is believed from 2016 that the Muslim Fulani herdsmen have been responsible for more destruction of lives and properties than Boko Haram. Their attacks and destructions have been targeted at the North Central States of Nigeria which are predominantly Christian minorities in what looks like ethnic cleansing.

The aged, adults and children are massacred in their sleep, properties and farms destroyed, children cannot go to school, farmers can't go to the farm nor market women go to the market for fear of being attacked/killed.


The hardship, trauma, abuse, hunger, fear, etc these people face is real and gradually destroying millions of lives silently while we watch. While we cannot solve the whole problem, we are committed to providing safe home, education, transitional home and nutritional health care for vulnerable children & bringing hope to the hopeless in Northern Nigeria.


We are soliciting for your support and contributions towards any of our projects because when we invest in them, we are saving lives and investing in the future of humanity.

The images in this video can be very disturbing!
Not suitable for minos!
This video is about the killings in Nigeria.
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