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Transitional Home

Transitional Home for Trauma Counseling

The transitional home focuses on providing shelter and counseling care for restoration and hope for traumatized individuals and victims of the endless conflicts and attacks in northern Nigeria. and at the same time, pointing them to God as the only source of lasting comfort and hope.


The need for trauma care continues to grow as more and more people experience traumatic situations that affect their lives negatively. The long period of persecution, some natural and complex disasters, and orchestrated rampant attacks often result in the destruction of lives and property and the displacement of the survivors. These experiences affect the survivors physically, emotionally, spiritually and economically, resulting in feelings of isolation, depression and even sicknesses.


While the government, international agencies and crisis intervention services may provide financial aid and supplies, there is limited emotional or psychological support for individuals who mourn and grief over all kind of loses. More still needs to be done to meet the challenges on ground. Rather than focus on one aspect of the needs, it is better to alleviate the suffering of such people in a holistic way.We trust God to provide finances to fund the ministry through the giving of Christians who share our vision.

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