Our Goal For 2019

2020 Goal!

  • Church Kick Off Plus

    To create awareness about the situation in Nigeria and share about Seeds of Hope and what we do. Please let us know if your church will be interested in learning more about this. It can also be your group of friends, small group or a business that will love to give a tax credit donation. If you’re interested, then give us a call at +1 920-784-7046 or send us an email at info@seedsofhopeng.org to set up an appointment for more details.

  • Feeding


    We are so far are feeding about 300 plus displaced children one hot meal every other week for $130. We hope to be able to give them 3 hot meals a week in other to cover the malnutrition gap that most of them have which will cost us $1,560. 

    We currently have a monthly donation of $420 towards the feeding program. Which means that we still need about $1,140 in other to reach our goal.

    Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us to make this a reality?

  • Safe


    Safe House/Multipurpose hall Foundation:

    The Safe House is currently being roofed. We hope to finish the entire building and have it ready to take in children by May 2021. And so part of our goal for this year (2020), is to raise about $55,000 in other to get it done and ready to move in by.

    The Safe House is a facility that will house about 100-150 displaced children that are victims of the ongoing conflict in Northern Nigeria. Your financial support of any amount can help us achieve this goal!

  • The Dagwer's 2020-2021 plan

    We are planning to move to Nigeria in February 2021.

    We are currently raising  monthly support to enable us run the ministry from here, but also in preparation of our move to Nigeria. 

    Our goal is to raise a monthly support of $4,500 by January 2021. So far, out of $4,500, we’ve raised a monthly support of $3,050 (Praise God) and are working towards raising the remaining $1,450 monthly support. 

     Will you prayerfully consider being a part of our team?

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Bamshak & Makayla Dagwer

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Email: info@seedsofhopeng.org

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